How to add Icon in html file?

In this article, you will learn how to add icon in HTML file. There are many ways to add icons to your website but here we will use font awesome which is a very good and popular website for icons.

The first step is to type font awesome in google search you will see the font awesome site. Click on it and make an account on it. you will get verification mail into your email account that you have to verify.

After verifying your account you will get the site kit code that you have to copy.

script code
site kit code

Site kit code basically embedded in the script tag which is a CDN path. It basically refers to a content delivery network. It is a good option in which we don’t have to manually download the icon files. Through CDN we can get files very fastly and efficiently directly from the server

Now come to your vs code or any other editor that u are using. now follow the below steps.

Step 1: put the copied code in the head tag of your HTML file.

Step 2: go back to the website and find the free icons section by the navigation menu. you can select any icon from the given free icons there. click on any of the icon. you will see the page like below.

icon code

Click on the code (same which is highlighted in the above image) and paste it into the body tag. BooM!! Now you got icon in your webstie that’s it.

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